Change Resilience Projects


Chance-Resilience is an action oriented group of young people in Hessen, Germany.
Our goal is to advance the empowerment of marginalised groups in Europe and along its borders, such as refugees, migrants and ethnic minority women-population groups which are often structurally affected by conflict/poverty/racial and social marginalisation and therefore regularly experience discrimination in Europe in various forms. Thus our projects aims to build resilience in their communities by raising awareness about their problems, living conditions and different realities among young people in Europe with a range of social backgrounds. We are seeking to achieve our aims by strengthening the capacities of youth workers and young people interested in fighting discrimination through networking and cooperation to discuss ideas and activating them as multipliers to spread the word in their communities.

“Europe’s Youth beyond discrimination” (24.1.2016-31.1.2016) is a training course / workshop that will gather a total of 30 young people from 9 European and neighbor countries  to provide a safe space to establish an effective intercultural dialogue between its participants as well as to explore the connection between the lack of intercultural understanding and the emergence  of stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination. As a backdrop the current political climate and developments in Europe regarding a growing resentment against refugees and asylum seekers in some parts of European society will serve. The training course targets youth workers, teachers and students aiming to improve their personal development and self-awareness regarding (dealing with) discrimination in everyday life, their work and their societies. During the training course we will use different methodologies and non-formal education methods to stimulate individual reflection and group work, aiming to raise and explore self-awareness on different forms of discrimination, prejudices and stereotypes. The participants will be encouraged to discuss self-critically about the emergence of discrimination and prejudices, about everyday-life situations of discrimination they witness or they themselves encounter as well as about political situations in their country. Together we want to develop ideas about actions that can be taken individually and in their respective youth work and engagement take to prevent the rise of discrimination in our European society.

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